"Mom, I'm booooooored!"  It's the summer rallying cry of kids everywhere. But it doesn't have to be that way. These three books have lots of ideas to entertain, educate and delight your kids all summer long.

"The Kids Summer Handbook," by Jane Drake and Ann Love. The title of this book says it all. It really is the bible of summer activities for kids of all ages. Divided into six sections — Shoreside, Landside, After Dark, Hiking and Camping, Rainy Days, and Cottage Crafts — "The Handbook" offers ideas galore for nature activities, water sports, arts and crafts, recipes, and play for kids of all ages and abilities. From paddling a canoe, to tying knots, to whittling paper, this book has lots of great ideas to help you and your kids survive and thrive this summer.

"A Kid's Summer EcoJournal: With Nature Activities for Exploring the Season" by Toni Albert. I picked this book up in the bookstore and felt like it was written specifically for my 8-year-old daughter. If your kids love to explore, learn, and write about nature than you will probably feel the same way. "The EcoJournal" encourages kids to explore and delight in the natural world, journaling their thoughts and sketching their ideas along the way. From making maps to baking a potato using only the sun, this book has lots of interesting ideas for summer fun.

"The Kids' Summer Fun Book: Great Games, Activities, and Adventures for the Entire Family" by Claire Gillman. Want to have some family fun this summer? Then this is the guide book for you. Ideas include hiking trips, kite flying, snorkeling, summer beach parties, fossil hunting, making homemade lemonade, surfing, sack races, and more. All geared towards activities that your whole family can enjoy together.  

3 fun summer activity books for kids
Three books to help you and your kids survive and thrive during the summer months.