Happy April! We finally seem to be leaving old man winter in the dust and welcoming spring with open arms.

April is also the month that we celebrate Earth Day. But you don't have to limit your green to just one day a year. Why not celebrate all month long — or heck, even all year?

Here are 30 great ways to go green. You can do one a day, two a week, or maybe even just pick one that you want to focus on all month long. Do you have any you want to add? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Plant a tree.

2. Plant a garden.

3. Pick up litter in your favorite local park.

4. Go for a hike.

5. Go for a picnic.

6. Reduce. Give the Earth and your wallet a break this month and pass on that new shirt or DVD.

7. Reuse.

8. Recycle. If it's not already a habit, make it one this month.

9. Go ahead. Hug a tree.

10. Go meat-free. (Find great recipes to get you started here.)

11. Volunteer with your local environmental club or at a nearby state park.

12. Run or walk a 5K.

13. Go for a hike.

14. Make eco-art.

15. Turn out the lights.

16. Step away from the car and walk or ride your bike instead.

17. Host an eco-swap. Get together with friends and neighbors to swap your gently used spring cleaning discards.

18. Take shorter showers.

19. Hit your local Green Festival to learn more about eco-happenings in your area.

20. Read an eco-book to your kids.

21. Read an eco-book to yourself.

22. Go for a bike ride.

23. Break the plastic water bottle habit.

24. Break the plastic bag habit.

25. Donate to a worthy eco-cause.

26. Support your local wildlife.

27. Build a birdhouse.

28. Build a rain barrel.

29. Buy local.

30. Get outside.

30 great ways to celebrate Earth Day every day
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