Did you know that March is Youth Art Month?  That means that this is the perfect time to learn about and create your favorite kind of art.  Need ideas to help you get started?  Try one of these fun projects:

1. Visit an art museum.

2. Draw, color, paint, or sketch.

3. Make computer art on a website such as Pixlr, PicassoHead, or Scribbler.

4. Weave, sew, embroider, knit, or crochet.

5. Walking art. Let kids choose an outfit that emulates their favorite painting.  Think soft pastels to celebrate Monet's Water Lily Pond or a leotard and tights for Degas' The Star.

6. Create a collage using this week's junk mail.

7. Make a scare owl.  It's hard to believe but spring really is on the way. Get ready for gardening season with this cool nature craft.

8. Make your own art supplies. This site has recipes for everything from homemade paint to DIY glue.  

9. Reuse paper towel tubes to make seed starters, napkin rings, or a puppet.

10. Hit the library to find a book on your favorite artist.

11. Try one of these wild winter art projects.

12. Chalk it up. If you can get to your sidewalk or driveway, use chalk to recreate your favorite painting -- or whip up a brand new masterpiece.

13. Take an art tour of the world - check out art and artists from other countries with a virtual tour around the web.

14. Create edible art and turn lunch into a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

15. Take a walk and try your hand at one of these nifty nature crafts.

16. Make this polar bear out of shaving cream.

17. Make your own coloring book to exchange with friends.

18. Sculpt, carve, or mold.

19. Get a head start on Easter with on of these eggcellent crafts.

20. Paint with a compass.

21. Make one of these yucky crafts.

22. Take a photo.  Create a collage, or use your favorite app to filter, crop, and edit.

23. Make 'cave paintings' using homemade mud paint.

24. Create these raisin box maracas.

25. Try your hand at expressionism by drawing a portrait of someone in your life who inspires a mood or feeling.

26. Research and act out a scene from your favorite painting.

27. Bead, brocade, or bedazzle. 

28. Make ice sculptures in the snow.

29. Create flowers out of empty toilet paper tubes.

30. Enjoy the art of everyday. The melting icicle, the spiral of your apple peel, or the smile on your daughter's face.

31 creative ideas for Youth Art Month
Explore your inner artist all month long with these fun ideas to help kids create.