Have your kids been "twerking"?" Do you even know what "twerking" is?

If not, don't feel bad. Most parents don't — and the ones who do are either uber-hip or watching too many Miley Cyrus YouTube videos for their own good. (Miley Cyrus made a twerking video, and she did an interview with Ryan Seacrest about the video.)

Basically, twerking is a kind of dirty dancing. Specifically, it's a dance move that involves a whole lot of hip and bottom shaking in a sexually provocative manner. You kind of have to see it to get the idea, but I'm not going to link to it. Just head on over to YouTube and make sure your boss — and your kids — are out of the room.

Still, when I heard that 33 students had been banned from school — including prom and graduation — for making a dirty dancing video, I was a little surprised. Until I saw the video. You can see a clip in this news story about the suspension here:

It's not just provocative; it's really, really provocative. And it was filmed during school using school equipment. Yeah, I can kind of see how the school administrators went berserk.

But it does beg the question of whether or not these kids — who according to all reports have never been in any other kind of trouble at school — should lose so much for making one mistake, even if it was a doozie. Sure, the video is in poor taste. They shouldn't have done it at all, and they certainly shouldn't have done it at school. But should that one mistake really keep them from prom, graduation and sports for the rest of the year? I think that's a little harsh. One or two day suspension, maybe. Or better yet, how about a creative punishment like making the kids create a video that looks into why so much of pop culture music and dance is demoralizing to women. But no graduation? Ouch.

What do you think? Did these kids get off easy or are they paying too high a price for one bad judgment call?

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