Prism stars.  You can make fireworks out of paint, glitter, clay, and crayons.  But have you ever tried using rice?  This cool craft from the blog What To Expect shows you how to do just that.  And you probably have everything you need already in your kitchen cabinet: rice, vinegar, and a little food coloring.  There is a little pre-planning involved as you will need to dye the rice and let it dry for about an hour before using.  Once it's ready, just stand back and watch the kids make some magic.

Star-spangled bicycle.  Does your town have a parade for the Fourth?  These directions from Better Homes and Gardens on jazzing up your bike would be perfect for a parade.  Or for just getting out for a fun family ride to celebrate the day.  Makes me wish I still had a basket on my bike!

Stars and Stripes tee. Who needs a store-bought patriotic tee when you and your kids can make your own?  This craft idea from Spoonful shows you how to use a reverse-stencil technique that makes the whole project easy-peasy.  Extra points for making the matching sneakers too.

Fireworks in a bottle. I'm a big fan of simple crafts that make use of all of that spare stuff in your craft drawer.  This craft does all that and more.  Kids fill up an empty plastic bottle with glitter, confetti, and pipe cleaners and fill halfway with water to make their very own firework creation.

Happy Fourth of July!

4 for the Fourth: Fun crafts for kids
Help kids show off their patriotic style with these fun and festive crafts for the Fourth of July.