I read a lot of great stuff on the web each day.  A LOT.  But, occassionaly I come across posts that are just too important or informative not to share.  That's how I feel about these four posts.  They are well worth the read.  Go fill up your coffee mug, toss the kids outside to play, and get to reading.  Got a favorite you'd like to share?  Let me know in the comments.

Hunger in America's classrooms:  This insightful post tells the story of hungry children in America...through the eyes of their teachers.

I saw the smoke rise: A poignant memoir form a mother looking back on 9/11.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - The Environmental Horror in the Pacific: I've read lots of posts about the great pacific garbage patch, but this was the most comprehensive to date.  Gets me in a good mindset to conserve and keep my plastic to a minimum!

Recession's Silver Lining: Consumer Debt is on the Decline: A post by Frugal Dad that looks at how the recession has been better for the planet, our wallets, and even the economy.

4 green parenting posts to read right now
Carve out a minute from your day to read these 4 posts...you'll be glad you did.