Looking for something to liven up the water cooler or soccer practice conversation? These four posts caused quite a stir on the Web this week. The mere mention of any one of these topics is sure to stir up some interesting conversation.

Colorado police pepper spray misbehaving boy: Were the police out of line to use pepper spray on this boy or did they avoid more serious physical injuries by using it?  

The No-baby boom: I get it. I really do. Even with the smug attitude toward child-free living, I get the author's point about some folks just not wanting to have children. But I resent the notion that people who choose to have children just do so because it's what society expects of us. As if those of us who choose to have children just did it because everyone else is doing it.  

The Robert Morris University Dancers ... in straightjacketsAuthor Schwandy, who suffers from mental illness, asks, "Why is it OK to make fun of the mentally ill?"

Do you still believe in marriage? Is marriage just an outdated notion? Or do lower divorce rates prove that many of us still believe?

4 posts that caused a stir this week
From pepper spray to straight jackets, the web was all abuzz over these controversial posts.