Need a gift for Dad this Father's Day? Look no further than one of these simple yet sentimental gifts that any dad would be sure to love: 

Daddy & Me coffee mug: I love the sweet simplicity of this gift. A white mug, some enamel paints, and a couple of thumbs turn an ordinary coffee mug into a sentimental keepsake that can be used and cherished for many years to come.

Fit to be tied: Recycle one of Dad's old ties into this cool case for goggles (or glasses or sunglasses.) The case comes together quickly in just a few simple steps and it is sure to come in handy all summer long.

Dad frame: Add a little pizzazz to Dad's desk or workspace with this cute frame that gives him a little peek at his favorite peeps. Even the youngest kids can help with the tracing, cutting or gluing for this simple project.

Duct tape wallet: What could be handier than a new wallet? What can be thriftier that a craft made entirely from duct tape? Dad will love this new wallet and the fact that it didn't cost a lot to put together.

Nuts and bolts frame: If your dad is the handy type, then he will probably love to see one of his favorite pics in this awesome frame decorated with nuts and bolts from his workshop.  

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