Tired of cutesy bunnies and sparkly rainbows? This is the perfect time of year to let your kids tap into their spooky side and make crafts sure to fill them with squeals of delight! Here are five creepy crafts to try:


Awesome arachnids: These cute spiders from Family Fun make for some spooky fun with the kids. And they are simple enough to make that even your littlest goblins can share in the fun. Oh, and don't forget the suction cups for the legs so you can hang them from the ceiling.





'Granny' Smith: You don't need a lot of fancy supplies to make this craft from Kaboose: just apples and lemon juice. The key is to carve large features in the apple that will become more pronounced over time.  Your kids will watch with wonder as the apple transforms into this ghoulish goblin over the next few weeks!


Glowing ghouls: You don't need a power cord or even batteries to put the spooky in these glowing ghouls. All you need are white balloons, a black marker, cheesecloth and the secret ingredient — a glow stick!



Tangled web: Oh, what a tangled web we weave ... when mom breaks out the yarn and glue gun! This craft is fun for kids of all ages, although older kids will probably do a better job of keeping the yarn from getting too tangled and matted. The best part? Popping the balloon after the glue dries and listening to your kids ooh and aaah over the finished web.




Candy jar mummies: Give your kids a place to store their Halloween loot by making these cute Candy Jar Mummies out of recycled plastic bottles, cheesecloth and of course, googly eyes.

5 creepy crafts for kids
Bring on the Halloween fun with these ghoulishly great crafts for kids of all ages.