Sure, you could go to the store and buy the latest and greatest premade and prepackaged Easter basket to give your little ones this weekend. But, it's infinitely cooler to make your own basket — particularly when it involves raiding the recycling bin and turning trash into treasure. Here are five fun designs that you might want to try:

Milk jug Easter duck. Turn an old gallon of milk into this ridiculously cute Easter basket with some felt, glue and a few fun, little embellishments. Kids can easily help put this together, or you can do it "behind the scenes" if you want it to be a surprise on Easter morning.

Strawberry basket Easter basket. This cute basket from comes together easily with a little construction paper and tape. And it's great fun for kids who love to weave. Add a little bow on top for extra pizzazz.

Egg carton Easter basket. I love these precious little egg carton Easter baskets from Crafty Morning. They are made from individual egg carton cups, so you can make a bunch at once. They are a great project for a class or scout troop so you can make them in bulk.

Recycled box Easter basket. Who needs to buy an Easter basket when you can just use an oatmeal or cereal box instead? Get creative with craft by using any interesting box you have around the house and giving it a renewed purpose in life. Jazz it up by weaving the cardboard together using these simple instructions from Crafty Stylish. Easy-peasy and it won't cost you a cent!

Soda bottle Easter basket. Here's another easy yet awesome basket from the folks at Use any recycled plastic bottle, cut it in half, and add some bling.

5 Easter baskets you can make at home
Put down that store-bought Easter basket and raid the recycling bin to whip up a beautiful basket for free!