The Earth and I, by Frank Asch. This sweet story delves into the friendship that a child has with the Earth.  "They play together, listen to each other, and nourish each other. But when the Earth is sad, the child is sad--so he finds a way to make his friend, the Earth, happy." The simple story and dreamy landscapes make for a welcome introduction to going green.  Infant-Age 3.

Charlie and Lola: We Are Extremely, Very Good Recyclers, by Lauren Child. These childhood favorites take on the planet in this cute story about going green.  When Lola plans to throw away all of her stuff, Charlie convinces her to recycle it instead.  When Lola learns that a local competition is offering a free tree to plant for every 100 items recycled - she eagerly accepts the challenge to become an extremely, very good recycler.  Ages 3-8.

Marty McGuire Digs Worms!, by Kate Messner.  For kids who love to get messy, this book is sure to be a treat.  Marty McGuire gets her wiggles out with worm composting in an effort to win her school's Earth Day competition.  And when a few of Marty's prize composters escape, well, let's just say that not everyone in the school finds them as eco-awesome as she does!  Ages 6-9.

Poetrees by Douglas Florian.  This beautiful collection of tree-loving poetry is sure to educate as much as it entertains.  Each of the 18 poems celebrates the wonder of trees, from the giant sequoia (the world’s tallest trees) to the bristlecone pine, one of the oldest trees on earth (alive for fifty cen-trees). Each poem is illustrated with mixed-media artwork in collage, oil, pastel, stamps, and water color.  Ages 6-10

Gaia Girls: Enter the Earth, by Lee Welles. My girls (ages 8 and 11) have both read this book and have both loved it in their own unique ways.  Enter the Earth is the first in a trilogy of "fiction with a mission" stories that beautifully combine magic and fantasy with real issues facing our planet.  Ages 8-12.  

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