1. How to talk to kids about the gulf oil spill: Whether you're headed to one of the oil-covered beaches this summer or just hanging at home, you'll appreciate this info from the National Wildlife Foundation on talking with kids about the oil spill in age-appropriate and 

2. 5 fun things you can do with your baby's placenta:  The title is sort of self-explanatory here.  Who knew there were so many...um...interesting things you could do with your placenta?  From placenta crafts to placenta artwork, you are sure to find something new to consider if you are expecting.

3. 9-year-olds knitting hats for hunger: If you're looking for a story to warm your heart (and your head) look no further than this one about two young kids who took up knitting needles in their efforts to end world hunger.

4. A somewhat green & healthy road trip: Taking a road trip with the kids this summer?  You'll appreciate these eco-tips from Mindful Momma on food choices that are good for your family and the planet.

5.If parents don't protect their kids from harmful chemicals, who will?  This excellent post from the Crunchy Domestic Goddess pretty much sums up why I do the things I do each day, and what more we could all be doing to protect out kids.

5 eco-family posts you gotta read
Got a minute? These green family eco-posts are worth a read.