Are you ready for some good news for a change?  Maybe it was just my mood, but positive stories about kids making a difference in the world really seemed to dominate the news this week.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. First up check out this story about third-grader Katie Stagliano who inadvertently grew a 40-pound cabbage in her back yard, donated it to a local soup kitchen and fed 275 homeless people in the process. Three years later, the inspired 11-year-old has grown more than 4,000 pounds of veggies for the needy.

2.  Keep the good vibes going by reading this post from Earth 911 on the Conservation Cadets, a team of kids from St. Augustine who are teaching adults in their community about reducing water waste, increasing energy savings and recycling properly.

3. Not to be outdone by their souther neighbors, the kids from Boston Latin School in Massachusetts recently dreamed up a green roof for their school, complete with a weather station, a greenhouse, two outdoor classrooms, a cafeteria, and a garden.  And they're working hard to make it a reality.

4. Of course, elementary students aren't the only eco-activists working to make the world a better place.  Take these two college students from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York who designed a communications network that could change the quality of life for people all over the world.  Their wifi hotspot powered by wind and solar energy could bring internet connectivity to remote locations around the world.

5. I don't know about you but these kinds of stories about kids making the world a better place always warm my heart and inspire me to do a little more each day for the planet and for others. Are you feeling inspired?  Check out these 10 ways to help others this summer and keep the momentum rolling!

5 eco-reads for the weekend 7/30/2010
Eco-kids are the theme this week with posts from around the web on kids helping the planet and helping others.