Nothing says Easter like a basket filled with decorated Easter eggs. Tired of the same old egg-dyeing, kids? Here are five fun and fresh ways to decorate your eggs this weekend:

Glitter eggs: Got kids who love glitter? They will go absolutely ga-ga over these gorgeous eggs. They're simple, but extremely messy to make, so be sure to work over newspaper (or be prepared to sweep up glitter until your kids go off to college.) And I love the little pipe cleaner egg stands on this site that can be used no matter what kind of eggs you and your kids design.

Faux Psanky eggs: I love the look of intricately designed Psanky eggs, but I wasn't sure that my 6- and 9-year-olds were up to the craft challenge of making them. So when I saw this egg decorating craft, I knew we had a winner. It's easy — kids design on eggs using fine-tip markers. They can make the designs as intricate or as simple as they like.

Eco-eggs: If you just want to dye your eggs this year, why not try your hand at using natural food dyes? Mix up soft pinks from cranberries or vibrant blues from red cabbage. You'll be surprised how many cool colors are lurking in your kitchen right now!

Wax-resist eggs: Take your egg-decorating up a notch with this simple idea that adds a punch of pizzazz to plain old dyed eggs. Use wax to draw on eggs before dyeing. The dye won't adhere to the waxed area, leaving you with a cool egg design. Keep it simple by using crayons to draw on your wax.

Melted crayon eggs: While you've got your crayons out, try this design on just boiled (i.e., hot) eggs. Simply melt crayons onto the eggs to create fun, swirly patterns. Just be careful when handling the eggs as they will be hot and the melted crayon will make them slippery!

Nut butter eggs: Of course, you're going to need a snack after all of that egg dyeing, and this idea from MNN food blogger Kimi Harris makes for the perfect treat. Dark chocolate, butter, and sugar — need I say more?

5 eggs-cellent egg decorating ideas
Fresh ideas for decorating eggs this Easter holiday.