Got family coming in for the holidays? Planning a festive neighborhood gala? Whether you have two kids or 20 at your next holiday party, these five, fun, festive games are sure to please all of your favorite Christmas elves:

1. Secret snowman — This super-cute game is sure to bring on the giggles. The object is to try to stick a paper snowman to someone else's back without them noticing. Of course, the laughter that ensues is likely to let the secret out of the bag pretty quickly.

2. Holiday Maze — This game may seem like a lot of work, but it's actually quite simple to set up and the delight it brings to little kids' faces is totally worth every inch of yarn required. We actually played a similar game at an outdoor summer picnic many years ago with about 10 kids (and 10 leads of yarn.) It seemed daunting at first with all of that entangled yarn but once the kids got going they found they can hop over and under each other's strands with ease.

3. Santa Limbo — Sure, you could play regular, boring-old limbo at you holiday party. Or you could use a strand of garland as your "stick" and stuff players bellies with pillows to play "Santa Limbo." To keep things interesting: The smaller the kid, the more stuffing they should get!

4. Gift Wrap Challenge — Think you're good at wrapping a gift? How about if you had to do it one-handed? This sounds like a fun game for kids and adults to play at your next holiday party. Pairs of players wrap gifts with their arms wrapped around one another. Good for laughs and extra holiday snuggles!

5. Christmas Minute to Win It — Leigh Ann from Your Homebased Mom has come up with some cute holiday challenges for your next party, and the best part is that they all take only one minute to play. So friends and family don't have to worry about being in the hot seat too long. From the "Holiday Kiss" to "Face the Cookie" these games are sure to be a hit.

5 festive Christmas games for kids
Add some family laughs to your next holiday gathering with these super-fun games for Christmas.