Looking forward to tonight's matchup between the Ravens and the 49ers? Whether you're an avid football fan, or your just in it for the commercials, here are five fun football crafts that the whole family can enjoy today in preparation for the Super Bowl.

Football runner and coasters. Having a party to watch the big game? Here's a craft from Martha Stewart that your kids can work on throughout the day. The runner is made from paper and the coasters are cut from brown felt, so you may even have the supplies you need around the house. Little kids may need help with the straight lines of the field and end zone, but older kids can probably handle this one on their own.

Super bowl party favors. These cute party favors from Live.Laugh.Rowe are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages at your party. And this is another great craft for the kids to work on in anticipation of the game. The football is cut from kraft paper and then sewn together with embroidery floss so depending upon your child's skill level in these areas they may be able to tackle this one on their own, or they might need an assist from a grown-up.

Pom Poms. These cute pom poms from Cooking with my Kid are perfect for kids to make and use during the game. The only supply you need is crepe paper party streamers. So buy a few rolls in the team colors of your choice and let the kids roll them up and shake away when things get exciting. Or keep things interesting buy having colors for both teams and letting guests choose which ones to make.

Paper football game. Take paper football to the next level by whipping together this cute craft from Momtastic. It's super easy to make, using just popsicle sticks, paper, and colored tape, so it comes together in no time. And it will make for a fun side game when there's a lull in the action on TV.

Football paper chain. Paper chains are the ultimate kid-friendly craft. If you pre-cut the strips, even the youngest kids can tape them together in a chain. This craft from Pazzles, brings a little football bling the the traditional chain. For some reason, you need a subscription on the site to get the complete instructions, but I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to add the football laces using a white crayon or tape.

5 football crafts for Super Bowl Sunday
Kickoff the big game with these five fun football crafts for the whole family.