Patriotic wig/tutu: Little ladies will love this red, white and blue tutu. But I have to admit that I love the pure zaniness of this craft, especially when it's worn as a patriotic wig.   

Edible eagles: OK, this isn't really a craft. But it is fun to put together — and take apart! The recipe calls for chocolate-covered Oreos, but if you want to make it a little healthier, you can try one of the more natural chocolate sandwich cookies recommended by food blogger Robin Shreeves.

Cuddly toddler pillow: Here's a craft that parents can make for kids — in particular, kids who are going to be up way past their bedtime to see the fireworks. This little pillow will make sure your little one doesn't miss any of the stars and sparkles, even if he has his eyes closed.  

Bald eagle tee: This tee makes for a very cute way to celebrate such a majestic national symbol. I know my kids will love getting their hands dirty for this one!  


Uncle Sam windsock: Uncle Sam will be full of hot air on July 4th with this whimsical patriotic windsock. The link includes a pattern for the face, so the craft comes together really quickly with just tissue paper, scissors and glue.    

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