Homespun pumpkins: I love the simplicity of these homemade, hand-spun pumpkins. They're surprisingly easy to make (you would never guess that the idea comes from the folks at Martha Stewart who excel at making simple things complicated!) And they are a perfect way to bring the softer side of the holiday into your home.





Jack o'Candles: Got a candle? Then you have a Jack O'Candle. Just cut one of these cool patterns out of orange paper, wrap around a candle or glass cylinder and voilà — instant Halloween!






Frightening footprints: Scare up some spooky fun with these easy-to-make and easy-to-love ghoulish footprints. All you need is some black construction paper and white paint ... oh, and something to clean off your little ones feet so she doesn't decorate your whole house!







Bat hat: Need a fun craft that also doubles as a fast and easy Halloween costume? Look no further than this wicked bat hat. It comes together with a black hat, black felt, clothespins and a little glue. Add black pants and a black shirt and you've got an instant costume!





Acorn pumpkins: You want to know what the best part is about making these acorn pumpkins? Sending your kids on a scavenger hunt in the woods to load up on supplies. Gather up orange paint and a black marker and your kids will have hours of fun transforming their forest finds into Halloween mini-pumpkins.






Not scary enough? Check out these creepy crafts to add a little more eek! to your holiday.

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