It’s going up to at least 100 degrees here in South Jersey today. Tomorrow will be even hotter. There’s a heat wave blanketing much of the country, and unless you have a pool to go to, chances are you’ll be staying indoors.


Here’s a round up of five kitchen activities to do with kids that will help keep them occupied while they are indoors.


  1. Bake a Chemistry Cake – This experiment has kids baking four different small cakes, one with all the ingredients and three in which one ingredient gets left out. When all the cakes are done, kids cut them open and see what a difference leaving out a cake ingredient (like eggs) does to the finished product.
  2. Milky Plastic – Kids will learn about casein, the proteins found in milk, by separating them from the rest of the milk in this experiment.
  3. Potato Battery – With a potato and some inexpensive hardware store items, kids can generate enough energy to run a digital clock.
  4. Egg in a Bottle – A peeled hard-boiled eggs gets sucked into the mouth of a bottle in this experiment using heat.
  5. Coffee Can Ice Cream – Two different sized coffee cans are used to make homemade ice cream — a real treat in this heat. Kids will roll the coffee cans back and forth when they are full of ingredients to create vanilla, chocolate or coffee ice cream.

Hopefully, these experiments will get you through this heat wave and keep your family active and creative until they can get outside again.


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

5 kid-friendly kitchen experiments
If it’s too hot to go outside, keep the kids occupied with these indoor cooking experiments.