It's never to early to start thinking about Earth Day and talking to your kids about the simple steps they can take to protect the planet. Kids growing up today hear more about environmental issues (such as global warming) then any generation before them. It’s in their movies, their music, and even their video games. So why not take a few minutes today and show your kids a few ways that they can be part of the solution. After all, it’s their planet, too!

Here are five great ways that you and your kids can protect the planet on Earth Day and everyday!

  1. Use your feet: Walk, ride a bike, or take public transit with your kids today instead of driving.
  2. See the light: Lighting accounts for 20 percent of your home’s annual energy bill. It also provides a very tangible way to talk to your kids about saving energy (even little kids are fascinated with light switches). With your child’s help, switch one bulb in your house today to a CFL and make an effort to turn off lights when your leave a room.
  3. Turn off the tap: Brush your teeth together tonight (even if you have to do it again after your kids go to bed) and don’t forget to turn off the tap while you brush!
  4. Reuse it: Challenge your kids to reuse items before they hit the trash can. If it can’t be reused at your house, give it a second life by donating it to your local thrift store.
  5. Recycle it: And don’t just toss it in the bin when you do. Talk to your kids about recycling, why it’s important, and what can be made out of that can, jar or paper. Check out MNN's recycling posts for info about what, why, and where to recycle.
Image: hortongrou
5 kid-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day
Think spring with these eco-savvy tips for Earth Day.