Break out the craft supplies and dig into the recycling box to make these fun and festive crafts for Hanukkah.

Felt Gelt bag: Hand out Hanukkah gelt (the real money kind or the cool candy kind) in these beautiful and easy-to-make felt gelt bags.

Hanukkah wreath: Celebrate the season and decorate your door with this festive Hanukkah wreath. It's made from toilet paper tubes, paper, a little paint, and a wire hanger, so it's very easy to put together, but little kids will need help getting started and some supervision with the hanger.

Star of David: This craft is so super-easy to do and so lovely when it's finished — your kids will be thrilled to make them. All you need to get started are popsicle sticks, glue and glitter. Whip up one or a whole batch to decorate the house or to give as gifts.

Flameless menorah: Light the fires for this year's Festival of Lights with this lovely flameless menorah. If this one doesn't suit, try making a paper cup menorah, a menorah garland or this lovely embossed menorah.

Milk carton dreidel: It just wouldn't be Hanukkah without a spin of the old dreidel game. A dreidel is an ancient, four-sided spinning top with one Hebrew letter on each side. Together, the letters on the dreidel (nun, gimel, hay and shin) form an acronym that means "A great miracle happened there." Click the link for instructions on making your own dreidel and playing the dreidel game.

5 more Hanukkah crafts for kids
Fun crafts for you and your family to try during this year's Festival of Lights.