Feeling crafty this Halloween? You don't need scary chemicals and plastics to whip up these wicked cool crafts.

Tin can black cat: All you need is an empty soup can and your imagination to create this cool cat to hold pens, crayons, snacks, or anything else you can think of.

Corn husk kitchen witch: There's nothing scary about this witch ... she's made from recycled materials and she can even be thrown in the compost pile when Halloween is over.

Handprint spider: This super-cute and easy enough for even little kids to manage.

Acorn pumpkins: You don't need to spend a fortune on supplies to make this craft. Just gather up a few acorns from your backyard and let your kids get to decorating. The best part? The finished product will fit right in your child's hand.

Salt dough ghosts: You can't go wrong with an easy-to-make batch of salt dough. Follow these instructions for turning your dough into a ghoulish delight.

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Break open the recycling box and get ready to whip up some Halloween crafts that will have your kids howling with delight.