Looking for stories filled with vampires and monsters to get your kids in the Halloween spirit?  These five freaky ebooks are the perfect addition to your digital library.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Your kids will love this e-version of Washington Irvin's classic Halloween story.  The artwork is delightfully spooky without being too frightening for little kids.  ($.99, iTunes)


Even Monsters Get Sick. This iBook from Busy Bee Studios is a 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner.  It's a fun story with just the right mix of silliness and seriousness.  Throughout the story, kids can read, listen, touch, and interact with Harry as he struggles to find out what’s wrong with his new monster. (Free, iTunes.)


13 on Halloween.  For the tween or teen in your life, this Halloween story might be the perfect match.  13 on Halloween tells the story of Roxie - a typical 12-year-old girl who wishes she were more popular.  But when that wish comes true on Halloween night, Roxie quickly learns that being a "peacock," isn't everything she thought it would be.  (Free, iTunes.)


Count Dagmar.  In this eBook, kids help Count Dagmar, a vegetarian vampire, get ready for his party. To aid in the preparations, kids must count fuzzy bats, silly monsters and friendly ghosts in this delightfully wacky and sweet interactive book. (6.99, iTunes)


Five Little Pumpkins.  Toddlers will enjoy this fun, interactive e-story where they can watch pumpkins light up and ghosts fly around the page.  The rhythmic story and vibrant illustrations are wonderfully engaging for little readers. (5.99, iTunes)


5 spooky Halloween ebooks for kids
Scare up some family reading fun with these Halloween ebooks filled with ghosts, and goblins, and freaky Halloween legends.