Got 5 minutes?  Here are 5 fast and easy ways to reduce the amount of trash your family is producing each day.  

  1. Pull a fridge switcheroo: Take a quick look in your fridge and move any items that need to be eaten soon to the front. These items often get pushed to the back where they are forgotten until trash day.  Move them up front so that they get eaten before they go bad.  
  2. Do the container toss: Grab a reusable container and toss it in your diaper bag, purse, briefcase, car, or bike pouch. You can use to carry the kids' leftover snacks, or to wrap up your doggie bag the next time you go out to eat. Even if you only use once a week, you will go a long way towards reducing your family's trash load.
  3. Try a swap-out: Don’t throw away your old stuff; instead, swap it with a friend. You’ll both get something new and your stuff will get a second chance at life.
  4. Give it the cold shoulder: See a pair of "must-have" pair of shoes? Give them the cold shoulder. Think twice the next time you are at the store, because the absolute best way to reduce waste is to keep it from coming home with you in the first place. 
  5. Find new life: Keep your old stuff out of the trash by finding a new life for it. Repair, refill, rebuild or re-purpose things instead of tossing them.  
5 ways to trim your waste
Fast and easy ways to trim trash and get on with your day.