If you've ever watched a science video on the Internet, it's likely that you found it informative and maybe even entertaining — but I'm going to bet it wasn't adorable. Fortunately, there's a new science series on YouTube that is all that and more.

Hosted by 5-year-old Oliver Shafer, "Oliver's Science Lab" series begins with the young scientist demonstrating how to make a "Tornado In A Jar." In addition to showing us how this experiment is done and explaining why it works, Oliver includes some fun facts about tornadoes and safety tips to keep in mind if you find yourself threatened by one.

“We don’t really tell him what to say. We talk about some ideas first, and we went over some tornado facts, and my wife helped him through all the steps so he didn’t break anything,” Oliver's dad, Cody Shafer told The Huffington Post. “But other than that, we just let him do his own thing.”

Which just makes it that much cooler when Oliver says things like, "Tornadoes dance. It's how they destroy stuff."

The elder Shafer first shared the video of his son on Reddit a few days ago where it almost instantly became the site's top post.

Shafer notes in the Reddit comments that Oliver is a big fan of shows like "Crash Course" and "SciShow Kids" and of course, that of his hero, "Bill Nye The Science Guy."

Keep making videos like this Oliver, and your hero will soon be begging to come on your show! Take a look at the first installment of Oliver's Science Lab above.

5-year-old explains science to the masses
"Oliver's Science Lab" is educational, interesting and utterly adorable.