If you love conservation stories, then boy have I got a series for you. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began a program on Earth Day sharing stories about how accelerating climate change is affecting our nation. The series will run for 50 consecutive weekdays and cover each of the 50 states. Each story will look at the regional affects of climate change by examining the local challenges posed by climate change, or highlighting the science-based solutions and community actions that are making a difference for wild things and wild places. Each weekday brings a new story from a new state.

Since the series started on Earth Day, April 22, the service has published 15 stories (the 16th story will be published today) covering a wide variety of climate change-related topics from South Carolina, Massachusetts, Missouri, Louisiana, Idaho, California, Arizona, Delaware, Montana, North Carolina, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Ohio, Kentucky and Nebraska.

Click over to the Fish and Wildlife's Conservation in a Changing Climate site to learn about The Climate Challenge Game that is teaching kids in Ohio to understand the impacts of global warming on plants and animals in their environment; or the mysterious and possibly climate change-related disease that is affecting bats in Kentucky; or how folks in North Carolina are working together to prepare for the inevitable changes that rising temperatures will bring to their local environment.

A new story is posted each day, Monday through Friday, on the Fish and Wildlife's Open Spaces blog, or you can check out all of the stories at once at the Conservation in a Changing Climate site.

50 days, 50 states, 50 conservation stories
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife rolls out a new conservation series to show the impact that climate change is having across the nation.