Granparents Day is this weekend - September 9th. Will you be celebrating the day with family?


To be honest, until recently I skeptically considered 'Grandparents Day' to be one of those made up holidays that try to separate me from the money in my wallet at the store.  But when I started looking into it, I learned that it was actually conceived by a woman named Marian McQuade from Fayette County, West Virginia who wanted to create a day where people celebrated senior citizens, particularly those lonely folks that she often visited in her local nursing home.  She also wanted to encourage grandkids to take a few minutes out of their busy days to talk with their grandparents - and maybe learn a few things about history and heritage in the process.


President Jimmy Carter made Grandparents Day a national holiday in 1978 that would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  And that is this Sunday.  How do you plan to celebrate the day?


Here are a few craft ideas for younger grandkids who want to show some love: 


Picture puzzle.  Grab your favorite family photo.  Make a copy and line the copy up on popsicle sticks.  Cut evenly, jumble up the pieces and you have a cute little puzzle for grandma and grandpa to put together.

Flower petal frame. I like this simple, sweet idea for a craft that let's Nana and Pop-Pop do what they like to do best - show off pictures of their grandkids.

Handprint canvas. I know several grannies and grandads that would absolutely adore this canvas keepsake.  Little kids will certainly need some help, but I'm sure they will have no problem volunteering to do the handprints!

Handmade cards. One of the best presents you can give any grandparent is a craft made by their favorite grandchildren.  This link has a number of cute handmade card ideas to choose from and most are simple enough for even the youngest grandkids to help with.

Silhouettes.  Here is a unique way to give your grandparents a picture of the grandchildren without it being just another photo in a frame.  Silhouette pictures of capture a moment in time even better than most cheesy photos. The hard part is taking a photo of your kids that is a true profile and not angled to one-side or the other.  Thank goodness for digital cameras and smartphones!

Family tree. Ah, the quintessential family heirloom gift.  Bottom line: If you have little kids, they will love making this.  And if you have grandparents, they will love receiving it.  

Have a happy day!

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