Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner.  That's a little hard to imagine in my neck of the woods where last night's snow still blankets the yard.  But alas, it's true.  Ready or not, it's time to spring into Spring this Wednesday.  I plan to get inspired by making my own flowers and springtime decor until the snow melts and the spring blooms for real outside.  Looking for a few springtime crafts to get you in the mood for warmer days?  Here are six to get you started...

Silvery wind chimes. Capture the sound of spring breezes with these upcycled wind chimes.  Made from four spoons and a fork, you can assemble this craft using your own mismatched cutlery, or pick some up for a few bucks at the thrift store.  Just make sure to use pieces that are thin and will thus be easier to drill.  Speaking of drilling, kids will definitely need help with that part, but they are sure to enjoy pounding the utensils flat and stringing them together for the final design.

Tattered flowers. Turn your fabric scrap pile into a bouquet of these fun tattered flowers.  This is a good craft for older kids or those who already have some basic hand and machine sewing skills down pat.  Once complete, you can stitch or safety pin them on to your favorite springtime t-shirt, use them as embellishments for tote bags, or add them to a hair band.  A great way to celebrate the season of flowers!

Festive bird feeder. There are boring old run-of-the-mill bird feeders, and then there are fun, festive bird feeders that look like a party and are sure to attract every feathered friend in town.  I love the simple design of this bird feeder and how it lends to the creativity of kids to come up with their own unique look.  Some drilling is involved, so be prepared to help with that.  But kids will love painting and assembling their creations.

Fabric tulip centerpiece. Can't wait for the spring flowers to bloom?  Make your own with this fabric tulip craft.  This is another good one for kids who already know the basics of sewing and are looking for a more challenging craft.  And the finished product is sure to bring a fresh touch of spring to your kitchen table.

Spring spool craft. Dress up boring old wooden spools with this spring craft tutorial from The Shed.  You can use her design, which includes raffia, rick rack, paint, a few twigs, and cut out bird images, or create your own design for a unique springtime decoration.  Makes a great gift for Mother's Day for those who like to plan ahead!

Silk flower napkin rings.  This is another great craft to bring spring indoors even before it has officially sprung outside!  They use silk roses in this tutorial from Country Living, but you could use any flower your heart desires.  Just sew them to a plain hair elastic, and voila - spring is in bloom!

6 crafts to celebrate spring
Usher in warmer days and crisp spring breezes with these fun family crafts that celebrate the season.