Does your family like to dress up as a clan for Halloween?  Personally, I have a hard enough time getting my kids dressed and ready to head out the door without trying to worry about getting myself in costume too.  But I have to admit that I love to see the creative families walking around together on Halloween showing off their complementary costumes.  


I've seen families dressed as Star Wars characters, The Incredibles, zoo animals, pirates, and Disney characters.  And a quick surf around the web shows that the creativity never ends when it comes to family costume ideas.  Here are six of my favorites:


Woodland Family costume




















BLT Family



















Lego Family























Outer Space Family


























Spider and web costume

Superhero family

Do you have any other ideas for family Halloween costumes?  Please share them below!

6 great family Halloween costumes
Plan on trick-or-treating as a family? Here are six great family costume ideas for your whole clan.