Four-leaf clover pin.  This beautiful pin from Better Homes and Gardens is simply layered felt embellished with trim and buttons.  Raid the craft drawer to come up with your own unique take on this simple design!

Rainbow rice. Turn regular white rice into a vibrant display by mixing it with a little food coloring.  Layer into a tall glass or a vase for instant St. Patty's Day decor.

Leprechaun hats. These cute hats are made from plastic bowls, so they're perfect for party favors or class gifts.  In this craft from Canadian Living, the bowls are painted green and dressed up with a few embellishments to look like hats.  Fill with gold or rainbow candies and voila - a perfect St. Patrick's Day treat.

Wee leprechaun. Turn an old toilet paper tube into this sweet holiday decoration with just a few simple extras - some craft foam, a pipe cleaner, and a little paint.  A great craft for all ages.

Hand print leprechauns. I love these hand print designs from One Artsy Mama.  This is an awesome craft for little kids who like to get their hands good and messy.  But be warned --- little kids will get their hands good and messy.  So be sure you've got clean-up supplies on hand before you begin!

Leprechaun pin. This is a cool craft for older leprechauns. There's no sewing involved, but you do have to iron together all of the little pieces so it takes a little patience and a steady hand to complete.  Add a pin, a magnet, or an adhesive sticker on the back - your choice!

St. Brigid's cross. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making a cross honoring St. Brigid, one of Ireland's patron saints. Traditionally these crosses are made of wild marsh grass, but craft-store ruffia makes a nice substitution.  

Need more ideas?  Check out these St. Patrick's Day crafts from years past.

7 lucky crafts for St. Patrick's Day
From four-leaf clovers to rainbow rice, we've got fun and festive St. Patrick's Day crafts for all of your favorite leprechauns.