Headed to the beach this summer? Here are seven sensational summer crafts to help you capture your memories from the seashore:

1. Seashell frame: This is a classic summer seashell craft, and it's so easy that even the smalles of kids will be able to do it. All you need are a collection of seashells from your favorite beach, an old picture frame, and a little bit of glue to bring the beach back home with you.

2. Sand masks: Older kids will love these sand masks made from things they find on the beach. This craft is perfect for chilling out in the evening after a full day in the sun, or even better for rainy days that keep you indoors.

3. Beach pail: This is a cute idea for turning an old pail or bucket into a catch-all summer tote for kids. For once, they'll be begging to carry their stuff back and forth to the beach!

4. Seashell wind chimes: Here's another great way to turn your beach booty into a fun holiday keepsake. These wind chimes are a breeze to make, and they'll remind you of your trip with every clink and jingle.

5. Sandy feet: Make a mold of your kids' feet using sand, plaster-or-paris, and a load of creativity. No need to get your kids to wipe the sand off of these feet!

6. Beach-in-a-jar: If you have lots of seashells and other beach treasures from your trip, you might want to put them together in this beach-in-a-jar project. It's a great way to capture the memories of your vacation. Use it as a centerpiece to spark conversation all year long.

7. Seashell sailboat: This simple craft only takes a minute to whip together and it will keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. Launch one in the bathtub or a whole fleet at the beach. 

7 sandy seashell crafts for the seashore
Our collection of the top 7 beach-inspired crafts to keep your family busy this summer.