Mother's Day is this Sunday. Want to show Mom some love? Here are some great ideas for handmade gifts that come from the heart:

Send mom a hug. This craft is perfect for grandmas or moms who won't be with their kids or grandchildren on Mother's Day. Just grab a large roll of paper and trace the upper body of the "hugger." Color, decorate, cut out, and send. Mom will feel the love from this hug even if you are miles away.

family recipe book

Create a family recipe book. I love this idea from Real Simple and a week of rainy weather makes for the perfect opportunity to do it. Put together a list of recipes that are special to your family. The recipes can be meals that you have created on your own, or simply a collection of your family's favorites. Either way, the unique collection of recipes will make for an instant family heirloom worth treasuring.

Love photo projectSend your LOVE. This is a fun craft/photo frame gift that moms and grandmas will love. You can get creative with the pictures and letters to spell out mom's name or another sentimental quote.

craft circle boxSentimental treasure box. What do moms do with all of those love notes, lost teeth, and the cherished art work that kids bring home from school? More than likely, they stash them in drawers and file folders and plastic containers. You can make mom a box to hold all of these sentimental treasures. This craft project is one idea for decorating a plain wooden box. But really, the possibilities here are endless. You can use any design and color theme that you think your mom would like. And don't be afraid to "think outside the box" and use a decorated oatmeal container or fruit basket to hold mom's treasures. Be sure to include a few love notes to get her collection started.

For Moms who are good friends. Here's another photo/craft idea. Print out this free printable from Shanty 2 Chic and use it to embellish some pictures of you and your mom. It's a sweet way to tell your mother that you think of her as more than just 'Mom.'

Hand-stamped for Mom. Make mom a necklace that she will never want to take off. These easy-peasy instructions from Crazy Little Projects talk you through each step. Spell out a sweet message, the kids' names, or a simple 'i love you.' Once you get the hang of the stamping - you'll want to practice a bit first - you can whip this necklace out in no time. And mom will love it forever.

Note: This story was originally written in May 2013 and has been updated to exclude some project how-tos that are no longer available.

6 sentimental DIY gifts for Mom
Make your Mom a gift she will treasure forever with one of these handmade Mother's Day craft ideas.