Thirteen-year-old Josie Baudendistel needs more than poster board and duct tape to complete her science fair project. She needs UV/IR cameras and pig carcasses. And she's turned to crowdsourcing to fund it.  

Josie, with the help of her dad, Tommy Baudendistel, enrolled her project on She needs $1,390 to purchase a new camera to convert to UV and IR sensitive light as well as software to analyze the pictures from her opossum scavenging pattern study. For the past two years, this Dayton Regional STEM School student from Dayton, Ohio, has been studying forensic scavenging patterns for her science fair projects in conjunction with Dr. Eric Benbow, sssistant professor in the department of biology at the University of Dayton.  

Check out this video in which Josie explains her project in more detail ... in a crowdsourcing rhyme:

As of this writing, Josie is less than $150 shy of her goal. With her spunk and charisma, not to mention her brains, I have no doubt she will achieve it. And it will be just one of many goals this kid will conquer in her life.  

To learn more about Josie's project, check out her FundAGeek site.

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