When Hailey Fort was 5 years old, she saw a homeless man in her community. She did not stop or stare or look away. Rather, she asked her mom if they could buy him a sandwich.

Since that first encounter, Fort's compassion and eagerness to help the homeless has only grown. Now 9, Fort spends the majority of her free time building mobile shelters for the homeless, fundraising for supplies, and delivering toiletries and other necessities to people in need.

Shortly after Fort and her mom bought a sandwich for the man, the young girl hatched a plan to build shelters for homeless people so that they have a place to feel safe and stay dry. "It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,” she told King 5 News. “I think everyone should have a place to live.”

Hailey Fort buildng a home

Fort gets discounts and donated supplies as well as lots of help and guidance from her parents. But she does almost all of the construction by herself. Her goal for 2015 is to build 12 of these mobile shelters for homeless people living in her Kitsap County, Washington community

Fort and her parents have worked with city officials to make sure that the shelters do not conflict with any city ordinances. They are able to place the structures in area church parking lots without any problems.

Hailey Fort building a home for the homeless

Oh, and Fort doesn't stop there. She also grows lots of her own food. This year, she is hoping to grow enough to donate 250 pounds of food to the homeless.

Hailey Fort working in her vegetable garden

Fort has also been organizing efforts to purchase thousands of toiletries and coats for homeless people living in her community. She has set up both an Amazon wedding registry and a GoFundMe page to help fund her efforts. 

Hailey Fort holding up a

9-year-old builds mobile shelters for the homeless
Hailey Fort also grows food and is fundraising to buy coats and other supplies to help those in need.