At the end of 2013, "selfie" was proclaimed the "word of the year" by the Oxford English Dictionary. That was right around the time that phones with self-facing cameras were everywhere, making it possible for people to document themselves as well as the world around them at any given moment.

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But well before then, Montreal native Hugo Cornellier was taking photos of himself using the Web camera on his computer. When he turned 12 years old, he embarked upon a project to take a photo of himself every day for 100 days. And when that project finished up, he decided to extend it for another 100. And so on and so on.

Now, eight years later, Cornellier is 20 and has a perfect record of his adolescence. He has turned more than 3,000 self portraits into a time-lapse video. When he originally started the project, he called it "Picture Everyday," but decided to rename it "Selfie Everyday," when he realized that his photos captured the essence of the trend.

Cornellier released a video last year documenting his selfies from ages 12 to 19. That video got more than 5 million hits. And with almost 25,000 hits in just a few days, his latest video capturing his photos from 12 to 20 is well on its way to viral fame.

Check it out:

As for Cornellier, he has no plans to stop taking selfies anytime soon.

"I'm absolutely going to keep going. I'm never going to stop. I'm going to keep doing it forever," he told the Daily Mail. 'I'm going to do it until I get old. The video will be me from 12 until literally wrinkles on my face. Thinking about that is what makes me keep going."
Boy takes selfie every day for 8 years
Watch him change from an adolescent to a man in 2 minutes.