Looking for a fun site to explore with your kids? Boston Children's Museum has recently launched Our Green Trail, an online game that introduces families to the green lifestyle. It's geared towards kids 5 and up, but it was even popular with my 3-year-old. The website offers online challenges that promote green living, and teach families about the changes that can make a difference.

To play the game, you sign up at the website (you'll have to hand over your e-mail address) and then select a home (either a house or apartment building) that will serve as your home base for the game. Once set up, you can undertake challenges and track your "green behaviors" throughout the game. By completing challenges on the website, you and your kids can then add different “green” elements to your homes. It's a great way to teach kids about the impact of their choices and it will give your whole family ideas on ways to reduce water and energy use.

According to the site, the goal of Our Green Trail is to get the whole family working together on going green. It's a good starting point to get you all headed in the green direction.

A virtual path to green
Boston Children's Museum launches online game to teach families about going green.