Looking for a laugh to get you through the weekend? Look no further than these tongue-and-cheek advice videos from The Second City Network. The series of videos takes a closer look at some of the messages sent to young girls in your average princess flik. Of course, the message of these videos is all in fun, but it does make you stop and think. Some of my favorite tips include, "Always have friends that are smaller than you so that you can control them and make you do want you want them to do" and "Don't ever talk to a man unless he kisses you on the lips first."

You'll never watch a princess movie the same way again.

Considering the popularity of these movies thus far, I'd say it won't be long before we'll see Second City versions of the remaining princess lineup. Can't wait to hear what Snow White and Sleeping Beauty will have to say!

Advice from a cartoon princess
Need a laugh to get you through the weekend? Check out these "tongue and cheeky" videos offering advice from cartoon princesses.