Last week, I wrote about the best ways to research a recycling program for your school and write a recycling proposal that's guaranteed to be approved. But if you're not ready to take on such a big project, there are other ways that you can introduce your school to recycling, and help the students get involved in the effort. Here are a few to try:

Start a recycling drive
A one time or occasional drive eliminates the need for long-term storage and requires shorter-term volunteer commitment. Decide what items to collect and where you will collect them. To hold a drive you must publicize it thoroughly and well in advance, asking families and students to save their recyclables for several weeks and to bring them to the school during a specific time. Recycling drives can be used to collect clothing, printer cartridges, computers, cell phones, electronics, and more!

Hold a swap meet

Instead of tossing your old books, sports equipment, and art supplies, host a swap meet where students can drop off stuff they don’t want or need and pick up stuff they do. Leftover materials can be donated to a needy organization such as a library, a homeless shelter, hospital, or a children’s museum.

Sponsor a Take Back program

Many electronics companies will “take back” old models of their products. Check out the U.S. EPA’s list of Plug-In To eCycling Partners to organize a school-wide take back event.

Organize a yard sale

Students, teachers, and other school staff can donate items they no longer want to a school yard sale. Staff the yard sale with volunteers and use to proceeds to fund the school’s recycling program or any other green project.

Adopt a recycling center

Make arrangements for your school to set up an account with a local recycling center. School supporters can take their recyclables to the center and request that all proceeds go to your school's account. This is one of the easiest methods of recycling because it requires no extra storage or handling of recyclables.

Alternative school recycling programs
Easy ways to get your school involved in recycling.