Halloween is such a magical time of year. I don't mean magic like the kind that sparks and flashes with neon lights and comes in a can from the big-box store. I mean the softer kind of magic, where the leaves are changing colors, the evenings are cool and crisp, and whole communities gather together to laugh, sing, and of course, share some treats.

This is the kind of magic that is captured so beautifully in a new children's book that celebrates Halloween. With poetic language and vivid collage illustrations, Tom Brenner and Holly Meade bring Halloween magic to life in And Then Comes Halloween. Here's an excerpt:

"When nighttime creeps closer to suppertime, and red and gold seep into green leaves, and blackberries shrivel on the vine ... then hang dried corn, still in husks all crinkly and raspy, sounding like grasshoppers."
From hanging paper skeletons to carving pumpkins, from costume-making to trick-or-treating, Brenner and Meade take readers on a lovely and lively journey through the traditions and preparations for a Halloween. I was particularly moved when I read a quote by the author as he describes his inspiration for the book, "I watched October dress up for one last colorful romp before winter and felt the wild energy that sends kids out wearing capes or weird hats to rule the street for a night," he said.

Now that's the kind of Halloween magic I'd like to capture this Saturday.

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