Do you (or your kids) like to geek out in the science lab? If you're a middle-schooler with a penchant for petri dishes, you could earn $25,000.

The search is underway for America's Top Young Scientist in 2011 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, a national science competition for students in grades five through eight. To enter, you need to create a one- to two-minute video communicating the science behind a possible solution for an everyday problem related to one of the following categories:

The Way We Move
The Way We Keep Ourselves Healthy
The Way We Make a Difference

Each video should attempt to explain the problem and how it impacts the student, her family, her community or the global population; describe a new innovation or solution that could solve or impact the problem; explain the science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics behind the innovation; and illustrate how the innovation could address the everyday problem and have a broader impact locally or globally.

For more info and thought starters within each category, click here.  

All video entries must be submitted online at by April 15, 2011.