World Water Day is coming up on Friday - March 22nd.  And it's a great time to go over some water-saving tips with your kids.

The theme of this year's World Water Day event is water cooperation.  On an international scale, that translates to finding ways for all folks around the world to have access to clean, safe drinking water.  It's not something that most of us in this country have to think about very often, but take a minute to think about all of the events in your daily life revolve around water access.  Sure there's drinking water, bathing, cooking, and sanitation services, but it's also the basis for just about every activity you encounter throughout your day.  Whenever you make a purchase, do a craft, clean your house, drive your car, or read a book - keep in mind that water was involved.

Kids in this country might have a hard time understanding why they need to conserve water when it seems to come readily from the tap whenever they need it.  But the good news is that once kids do learn about water issues, they tend to passionately get behind the cause of water conservation.  They just need a little guidance on the water conservation measures that are within their control.  They may not be able to install low-flow shower-heads, but they can make an effort to save water with these five tips.

1. Watch the tap. Teach kids to turn off the tap when they wash their hands and brush their teeth.  And remind them not to let the water run when they're getting a drink.  If they like to drink cold water, you can keep a pitcher in the fridge for easy access.

2. Look for leaks. Kids can keep an eye out for leaky faucets in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and even outdoors. If they know what to look for and whom to alert when they find a leak, they can help put a stop to water waste before it becomes a problem.

3. Toss it - don't flush it. Encourage kids to throw used tissues and other garbage in the trash can rather than the toilet.  And while you're exploring water conservation in the bathroom, you could share a tip from the old adage about when to flush.  You know the one..."if it's yellow, let it mellow..."

4. Make water do double duty. Help kids find ways that water can be used more than once around the house.  Cooled pasta water can be used to water indoor plants.  Dish water can be used to clean the tub or shower.  And a sprinkler can be used to water the lawn while kids play.

5. Help friends and family get water-wise.  Now that your kids know the facts about water, and what they can do to help, they can share what they know with family and friends.  All it takes is one passionate kid to make a major difference in a community.

How do your kids help to save water around the house?

Are your kids water-wise?
Help your kids celebrate World Water Day this week with these tips that show kids how to save water.