I'm sure it sounded like a pretty simple idea at the time.  Cheerleaders at Gilbert, Arizona's Gilbert High School decided this year to wear pink t-shirts emblazoned with a breast cancer awareness slogan at home games in order to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.  But little did they know how much controversy, and money their campaign would stir up.



The source of all the controversy is the slogan on the t-shirts that the girls wanted to wear.  Gilbert's principal, along with many in the community, found the slogan , "Feel for Lumps, Save Your Bumps," to be too provocative for young girls to wear.  He therefore banned the girls from wearing the shirts at any school function.  Of course, the controversy doesn't end there.


The cheerleaders, students, parents, and community members are divided over those who support the girls wearing the shirts and those who think the principal made the right decision.  The principal has received hundreds of e-mails on the topic, most in support of his decision.


But the ban and all of the publicity certainly hasn't hurt the girls' cause.  The cheerleaders are still taking orders for the t-shirts for $15 through the saveyourbumps(AT)yahoo.com.  They've already received 584 orders and collected more than $5,600 for breast-cancer research.  


What do you think?  Should the girls have been allowed to wear the shirts?



Ariz. cheerleaders banned from selling breast cancer awareness t-shirts
School principal decides the breast cancer t-shirts are too provocative for young girls and bans them at school events.