What would you do if your doctor told you that you had an inoperable brain tumor? Would you curl up in a ball? Run away? Hide in your room? Or burn through your funds to enjoy whatever life you have left?


This is the reality of life for 11-year-old Harry Moseley — but Harry isn't doing any of these things. Instead, he is using his limited time, money and energy to help others. His campaign, Help Harry Help Others, helps other folks who are suffering with brain tumors. Through his website, Harry sells bracelets and raises funds for cancer research, so that doctors can find the cause and the cure for the condition that will likely take his life.


Harry has already raised thousands of dollars for cancer research. Now his story has inspired a number of authors to help him help others even more. Nineteen romance writers have published the e-book collection called "Author Moments," with proceeds benefiting the Help Harry Help Others fund.


Here's more about the book: "'Author Moments' is a collection of essays written by these talented writers … From the New York Times bestselling lists to the writer who is just beginning the quest, you will find this anthology filled with generous writing advice and anecdotes. It won't matter where you are on your road to publication or even in your life journey, 'Author Moments' will fill you with love, laughter and a renewed hope that all things are possible when you care enough to come together and make a difference."


Help Harry help others by buying a 99-cent copy of the "Author Moments" e-book at Smashwords or on Amazon.

Authors help Harry help others
New e-book compilation will benefit a cancer research fund started by an 11-year-old with an inoperable brain tumor.