My daughters absolutely love making gingerbread houses. It's something they look forward to doing with their grandmother every year around the holidays, and I always get a kick out of their creativity when they make a sled out of pretzel sticks or a Santa out of gummy bears.

But next year, they'll need to step up their game. While traditional gingerbread houses are still totally fun and awesome to make, some holiday bakers have taken things up a notch with gingerbread creations that are quite literally out of this world. In addition to the above mansion with edible stained glass windows, here are 16 more designs guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

1. The Starship Gingership

Starship GingerpriseThis Starship Gingerprise is winning the internet this holiday season. (Photo: PizzaGate-Is-Real/Voat)

2. This gingerbread Death Star

3. A gingerbread AT-AT walker

An All Terrain Armored Transport vehicle from 'Star Wars' constructed from gingerbread. This is an All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker from 'Star Wars' constructed from gingerbread. (Photo: AngryJulieMonday/flickr)

4. This German "pepperkakehus"

5. This ginger train

6. An eco-savvy gingerbread straw bale house

Eco-friendly gingerbread houseHave you ever seen a gingerbread house incorporate a bike rack or a composter? (Photo: AdinaBob/flickr)

7. This Sherlock Holmes gingerbread house

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8. This gingerbread Fort Pulaski

9. This gingerbread house made out of balloons

10. One made out of Lego

11. A ginger Eiffel Tower

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12. An awesome gingerbread Case frontloader

13. This gingerbread tree house

Gingerbread tree house The Swiss Family Robinson could have lived in and fed themselves from this gingerbread house. (Photo: noricum/flickr)

14. This gingerbread pirate ship

15. This storybook gingerbread scene

16. And this Angry bird house:

An Angry Bird house made of gingerbread All those pigs soon will be crushed by frosting and gingerbread. (Photo: zero-lives/flickr)

Inspired to create your own gingerbread masterpiece? Check out our tips for making a basic gingerbread house and let your creativity flow from there!

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