I am really, really disappointed in a photo gallery/web story that recently went up on the CBS News website. Titled "9 Most Awkward Breast-feeding Situations," the article and accompanying photos depict nine situations in which breast-feeding moms might want to think twice before they "bare their mammaries."

The tone of the piece is light, and I know it's all meant in jest, but I think it crosses the line into territory that mocks and points the finger at nursing moms rather than supporting them.

Take, for instance, this caption under Awkward Breast-feeding Situation #3: In A Church:

"A bare breast might be the answer to someone's prayers — but not every member of the congregation will be singing the praises of a woman who breast-feeds in a house of worship. Better to go outside — or just say penance afterward?"
Um, are they kidding me? This whole "story" seems to mock the "shocking" places that a mom might choose to feed her baby: In public? (Gasp!) On a plane? (NO!) In front of a man? (Heaven forbid!!)

Last I checked, breast-feeding is THE BEST way for a mom to feed her baby. And it's a method that should be supported, not laughed at. If CBS wanted to run a light-hearted story, maybe they could have run a similar piece that mocks the people who would be shocked by a woman feeding her child.

Using the same pictures, the captions could have said something more like, "Do you like to eat at a restaurant? Well guess what? So do babies."

Instead, their caption under Awkward Situation #7: In A Restaurant includes the following advice:

"Advocates say serve it up, but some doctors worry that if a mom has an infectious illness like HIV, her breast milk can spread the infection to others. So, moms should be careful to keep breast milk off surfaces."
I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm just guessing that the number of breast-feeding moms who have HIV is relatively small — so it hardly warrants the warning. Even still, unless the next patron comes along and decides to lick up the spilled breast milk, I think the chances of infection are minimal.

Come on, CBS News. You can do better than this ... can't you?

Awkward breast-feeding situations?
CBS News photo gallery mocks breast-feeding moms and the places they choose to feed their babies.