Kids back at school? Make the transition a little easier with these fun crafts that are sure to make learning fun!

Pencil toppers: Kids can do their writing in style with these easy-to-make pencil toppers. I actually just did this craft with my 8-year-old's Girl Scout troop, and the girls loved adding their own unique flair to their pencils. We mixed and matched this craft using beads of all sizes, recycled paper, embroidery floss, alphabet beads, and plain old ribbon.

Backpack chains: Here's another easy project that's great for one kid or for a whole gaggle. We did this one with the scouts as well ... some girls spelled out their names, some spelled out their favorite TV characters, while others spelled out messages like "Peace" or "Go Green."  


Notebook coverup: Who wants to cart around a boring old school notebook? Not my kids. But I'm not really fond of all of the characters and cartoons that grace the covers of spendier models either. This craft makes for a happy compromise. Basic, boring, recycled paper notebooks get jazzed up with a colorful pipe cleaner coverup.  

Desktop organizer: This craft is a great idea for helping little kids keep their desks clean and clutter-free. Cubbies on top hold glue, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, while the box inside can hold any other craft or work supplies your child needs.

Owl backpack: This knit backpack is for advanced crafters, but it is so ridiculously cute that if you've got the skills, it is well worth the effort. The link includes a how-to video with extra tips and advice.

Back to school craft ideas
Kids will get inspired to hit the books with these smart craft ideas from around the web.