To his four kids and wife, he's just an ordinary, albeit somewhat goofy, guy. But to the rest of the world he's a real superhero, using his Twitter Vine account to serve the greater good. Or at least the greater laugh.

He's BatDad, aka Blake Wilson.

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Armed with a husky voice and a $10 mask he picked up on a lark at Target a few years ago, Wilson has become an Internet cult hero. With six-second videos, Wilson amuses his 3.4 million Vine followers with a superhero's take on the daily ups-and-downs of parenting.

The hilarity of the BatDad videos is that they tackle and make light of the mundane parenting issues that every single parent has dealt with. From kids who swallow their gum to those who sneak snacks before dinner, BatDad dishes out his own brand of parental justice (along with a heaping side dish of humor).

Wilson never intended for his videos to become lessons in parenting. "I just kind of put them out there and let people interpret them however they want," he said in an interview with FOX news. But one message that you can't help but take away from BatDad's Vines is that life is better when you don't take it so seriously.

Wilson films most of his BatDad videos in the house or family minivan, while his tribe is in the middle of normal, mundane stuff like getting ready for bed:

Or doing homework:

Or trying to be a tween:

“We’re no different than any family out there with young children,” said Wilson, in an interview with PBS. “That’s why these little jokes on Vine resonate with people, because I poke fun at the tough stuff.”

The tough stuff. Like the moment when BatDad and Jen realize that they will need to put four kids through college:

Some of Wilson's most popular Vines are when BatDad startles and/or annoys his ever-patient sidekick (aka Wilson's wife, Jen.)

That's some superhero patience right there.

So what's Wilson's secret when it comes to successfully raising four kids (and staying happily married)? Not surprisingly, Wilson reveals that the greatest trick he has up his superhero sleeve is humor.

“Bottom line is, you gotta be able to laugh at the tough stuff. Yes, you’re gonna get stressed out, yes you’re gonna get upset, but sometimes you’ve got to have a humor. You’ve got to be able to laugh at some of the most ridiculous moments your kids put you through.”

BatDad dishes out hilarious superhero justice to everyday kid crimes
Armed with a husky voice and a $10 mask, BatDad has a cult following on Twitter Vine.