"Battle for Terra" is a new animated sci-fi adventure movie out this weekend that is sure to be a big hit with green kids and tweens. Like "Wall-E," "Terra" is set in a world where the humans have destroyed the Earth to the point where it can no longer support human life. But instead of passively circling space as the humans do in "Wall-E," the humans in "Battle for Terra" have war and planetary domination on their minds as they head out in search of another planet to live on. This, of course is bad news for the ancient community of Terrans that peacefully exist on the planet Terra.

Needless to say, Terra is plunged in to chaos and a battle ensues as the two races fight for survival. During the upheaval, rebellious Terran teenager, Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) befriends an injured human pilot (Luke Wilson) and each learns that their two races have a lot more in common than either realized. The film delivers a star-studded cast with Wood and Wilson joined by Danny Glover, James Garner, Amanda Peet, Brian Cox, and Dennis Quaid. All in all, it's an action packed experience...with intense 3D battle scenes...and a positive message for "living green" while living in peace and harmony.

Battle for Terra
New animated film out this weekend packs 3D sci-fi with a heavy eco-message.