Ok folks, it's crunch time.  The end of the summer is near and that means that school is right around the corner.  

If you are like most folks, you started off the summer with the best intentions and promises to encourage your kids to read and practice their school-year skills.  But somewhere around week three those good  intentions gave way to lazy hot summer days and evenings catching fireflies or hanging out by the pool.

Now, you worry that your kids will come down with a bad case of summer brain drain, losing everything they fought so hard to learn in school last year.

Never fear, there is still time to turn things around.  And you don't need to plop your kids down in front of stack of workbooks to bring them back up to speed.  

What's the best way to turn summer brain drain into summer brain gain?  Get them to open up a book.  If it's a book from their school reading list - great!  But really, any old book will do.  Comic books, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, newspapers.  Anything.  Just get them reading and it will grease the wheels and get their gears turning for the new school year.

Check out this infographic for more tips on what and why kids should finish out their summer with a good book.

Beat summer brain drain with summer brain gain
Here's how to get your kids back in shape for school and a new year of learning.