The vaccination decision is one that many new parents struggle with as they try to balance the needs of their child with the overwhelming amount of medical literature that falls on both sides of the issue. I have done a lot of research on vaccination and if there is one definite conclusion that I can make, it is that many parents are passionate about vaccination ... some think it is the only way to protect their children, while others think it is the cause of all evil.  

This video, and the accompanying USA Today article, certainly fall in the pro-vaccination court. To say that this video will tug on your heartstrings is an understatement. It will rip your heart out and stomp it to the ground. But the video and article do make a compelling point about the need to vaccinate to protect the community as a whole. So many parents who are anti-vaccination tout the fact that their children have never been sick. But is that because their children are sponging off the health benefits received when the majority of children are vaccinated?  

What do you think?  

Bereaved mother stresses importance of vaccines
By choosing not to vaccinate, are parents making a decision that weakens the health of the whole community?